Now, wait just a minute.

This can’t be right. 

OK, I’ve known this day was coming.

But, there must be some mistake.

Sure, I’ve been talking with lots of people in preparation for this day, arranging for things like “legal guardianship” and “transition” and “adult services.” Read More


Your Current Wait Time Is…

It’s your life
And you can do what you want
Do what you like
But please don’t keep a-me waiting
Please don’t keep a-me waiting
‘Cause I’m 
So tired
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for you
        —The Kinks

“C’mon, I’m standing here like a doofus waiting for you.”

This phrase, or some variation of it, is said multiple times a day in this house.

My husband and I are the doofuses.

My son is the one we are waiting for. Read More