How a Clothespin Might Save My Sanity

This little thing here? This cheap wooden contraption that hates the electric clothes dryer for making it obsolete? Well, it’s useful again, at least around here.


I hope I’m not jinxing our experiment to say out loud that it’s working.

See, my son “fixes” everything around us. When he’s been on a two-week break home from school, this behavior is even more apparent. We live in the house, use things, move stuff around, and he follows behind us putting everything back in place and keeping things in order the way that he likes them. Read More


Hello, 2018

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like January 1, 2018 is all that different from January 1, 2017 for us. We’re still plugging along on all of the same things, still working the same issues, still in familiar places and routines, scripting the same old movies.

But, in reality, life has shifted quite a bit from this time last year.

This time last year, Read More

Building Skills

We’ve been focused for many years at school and home on increasing our son’s independent “life skills.” But with the end of traditional school looming ever closer, we’re even more aware of the importance of teaching him how to do things on his own, helping him find success in completing daily tasks, and in being as independent as possible. 

 In turn, I have to learn how to get out of his way.

As I’ve said before, I’m fully aware that my kid has “mom-enabled” deficits. I try not to do too much for him, but I don’t always succeed. Sometimes it’s because we are rushing to get somewhere and it’s easier for me to just DO all the things. Sometimes he is debilitated by anxiety and inability to communicate, and I’m doing what I can to lower his stress, which is clearly not the right time to add in a skill lesson. Read More

The Right Track




He launches himself off the line in the lane next to me, and for a bit I have to run faster than I intended to keep up. He slows pretty quickly though, and we settle into a jogging pace. I keep reminding him of the goal today: “Just to the numbers. You got this. Keep running!” We are shooting for the numbers painted on the track at the other end of the straight section. Run until we hit the numbers, then walk again around the curve. 

We both start to get a little out of breath as we get closer to our goal, but I’m happy to see that, today, he not only kept pace with me all the way to the numbers, but he crosses over them and continues at the same pace at least for a few more yards. 

So far, so good, Coach Mom.

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