The Most Interesting Kid, Part Dos

It’s feels like the end of an era. The Most Interesting Man in the World is headed to Mars. Closing out a seven-year national campaign to encourage the drinking of more cerveza, Dos Equis has retired their suave, adventure-seeking, and sometimes beer-drinking pitchman.

This blog’s title, of course, was inspired by this quirky ad campaign. Here’s the first video we made of our very own Most Interesting Kid: Read More

Mid-Year Progress Report: 2013 IEP (For Me)

It is time for a New Year’s Resolution Progress Report! (Ah, you thought I forgot, didn’t you?)

Inspired by the beauty that is Special Education, I created a handy-dandy 2013 IEP (For Me) in January 2013 to design and track appropriate self-improvement goals in five (5) skill areas. Analysis of RTI data in previous years had found that verbal resolutions were broken within 2-3 weeks of January 1; written resolutions were held onto only slightly longer, in part because they lacked a public accountability component.

The original document, which can be viewed in full HERE, includes some additional target lists, benchmarks, and key accommodations.

Progress on 2013 goals stands as follows: Read More

2013 IEP (For Me)


Here are my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions in a handy IEP-inspired format:

* For those of you not familiar with it, an IEP [Individualized Education Plan] is a service plan for a student with special needs that includes their present levels and selected accommodations or services that will help the student meet their annual objectives. These goals are meant to be specific and measurable, and are always a great deal of fun to create and follow…just like New Year’s Resolutions…

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