Golden Girls

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other’s gold.
My Facebook newsfeed is filled with stories from autism parents, autistic writers, special need groups, agencies, and advocates. These people are my tribe, and it helps to have other people nearby, physically or virtually, who “get it.”
But there are others who get me in a way that can’t quite be matched by those I’ve connected with because of a diagnosis.
Special needs moms sometimes lament that they find it hard to keep up friendships with their typical-parent friends because the trajectory of their kids’ lives are so different. I also find that to be true. But friends outside of that “special needs” bubble, if you can keep them, are truly gold.
I cherish my old friends. That’s not a comment on your age, ladies, it’s just you were here long before the others. I’ve known my girls since as early as 3rd grade. That’s old school.

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