The Most Interesting Kid, Part Dos

It’s feels like the end of an era. The Most Interesting Man in the World is headed to Mars. Closing out a seven-year national campaign to encourage the drinking of more cerveza, Dos Equis has retired their suave, adventure-seeking, and sometimes beer-drinking pitchman.

This blog’s title, of course, was inspired by this quirky ad campaign. Here’s the first video we made of our very own Most Interesting Kid: Read More



’tis the Season 🙂 This is one of my favorite memories of our quirky Christmases…

Stay Quirky, my friends

I dust off the Advent wreath

Hoping to share a childhood tradition

A clumsy attempt to compensate

For lost Sunday mornings.

I have to call my mother

Which color candles are correct?

To infuse our secular celebration

With a smidge of deeper meaning.

It’s the first Sunday; a purple candle is lit

In anticipation of the coming holiday

A crumpled missive as my guide

I try to set the scene.

I tell a story of Wise Men

And a star in the East

My son, enthralled by the tall thin tapers,

Even appears to be listening.

But the candles on the table

Evoke a learned response

My earnest lesson disrupted

By a tradition more familiar.

My child smiles

In anticipation of cake

Sings, “Happy Birthday to Christmas,”

And blows the candle out.


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Christmas Wish

For the first time in his fifteen years, my son told us – by filling in a list on his whiteboard – what he might want for Christmas.

Most nights at bedtime we try to play some kind of word game to encourage his language and interaction with us. We play hangman, write song lyrics or movie scripts that he likes, or make up some fill-in-the-blank sentences that we all answer.

A few weeks ago, my husband wrote:

“For Christmas, Dad wants ____. Mom wants ______. B. wants _____.”

After we filled in our generic wishes of a “shirt” and a “book,” it was the kid’s turn. He read aloud the full board and then filled in his sentence with “shirt.” Since he was possibly just copying Dad, and we wanted to see if he could expand on his ideas, my husband started a new numbered list. Read More

What Will You Be?

My little boy grew too tall for trick-or-treating a few years ago.

Dressing him up in costume has been our tradition since he was a toddler, but once his height started to give people pause, it was time to give up the ghost, so to speak.

Jack Skellington, and sidekick, 2012.

Jack Skellington, and sidekick, 2012.

Of course, if he really wanted to, I’d still let him wear a costume and trick or treat for Halloween, despite the odd looks some people give to teenagers on this night. But, to be honest, he doesn’t seem to miss it.

Dressing my kid up for Halloween was always more for me than it was for him. Read More