Now, wait just a minute.

This can’t be right. 

OK, I’ve known this day was coming.

But, there must be some mistake.

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Making Waves

Every year on my son’s birthday, I add a page to his “Birthday Book.”

Let me be clear, though – as much as I would love to, I don’t “scrapbook.” Some of our early pictures are in photo albums, but most reside sad and lonely in a box. Our more recent photos, of course, exist only in iPhoto or online. But his birthday book is manageable enough that it gets done – it consists of just one page per year of my child’s life.

Today, we add its 13th page.

This album wasn’t my original idea. It started when my son’s Kindergarten teacher asked her students to complete a packet called “My Life So Far…” to be presented to the class on each child’s birthday. The booklet showcased their favorite memories through drawings or words. Each page was dedicated to a single year and titled “When I was born…,” “When I was One…” and so on; the last page was a dream for the future, “Now that I’m Five…”

Since my kid had no inclination or ability to draw his own pictures, we put together a few photographs with captions from each year to fill the pages. It turned out so well, that I decided to put the pages into an album, and have continued adding to it every year.

So, just before his birthday, I review all the photos from the past year, and choose six to ten of the best pictures that highlight key events and fun memories.

Throughout his birthday week, at whatever functions we have planned, we can all glance through his book and remember how much he has grown. There are photos of milestones and accomplishments – crawling, walking, bike riding; of family gatherings, vacations, and school parties; of dressing up for Halloween, and playing outside in the sun and in the snow.

~ and there’s one common theme that flows through every page ~

From the bathtub, to swimming pool and water park;


from creek to pond, from lake and ocean —


this kid always loves making waves!


Happy birthday, son. I love you!