The Shape of Things to Come

An outline is stamped in concrete on our now-cleared lot.

A footprint in the shape of our future home. 

It is a blank space, full of possibilities.

We walk the lot at dusk, stepping over the outline and through the soon-to-be exterior walls.

We stand at various points on the dirt floors of future rooms, imagining the placement of the interior walls, the furniture, the windows, the doors.

Our son twirls his beads and follows along, listening as we describe how the rooms will be laid out. 

We move “outside” to the back patio to discuss the best locations for dog poop and a potential pool. Our lot is propped up by short retaining walls, so it sits a few feet higher than the lots behind us on either side. My son is taller than the block fence being built across the back corner, and as he leans his elbows on it to peer into the neighbor’s yard, we envision pots and plants strategically placed against the fence—to enhance the look of our small yard, and to prevent any peeping-tom misunderstandings with our new neighbors.

Soon, the foundation will be poured, the framing will begin, and the floor plan will become clearer. 

And, as the house takes form, the priorities for prepping our son for the move come into focus, too. There are many strategies we’ll need to incorporate to help our son live comfortably and safely here, even though he’ll never be completely “on his own.” Skills to be taught—some sooner, many others over time. Adjustments to be made to his typical routines and the placement of preferred items in his new space.

And, perhaps a social story about “How Not to be a Nosy Neighbor.”

Brick by brick, it’s coming into shape.


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