A Quirky Update (aka Holiday Procrastination)

I should be doing Christmas shopping or decorating or baking or any number of other things on my multiple TO DO lists.

I am one of those procrastinators at Christmastime. Well, it’s more about indecision than lazy procrastination. I just have a hard time making up my mind about what to buy, do, send, decorate, cook and bake. So, I expend a lot more time and energy thinking about everything I should be doing (and when I can possibly fit in the time to get those things done), than actually doing all of those things I should be doing. After all that exhausting mental preparation, I’m too worn out to cross anything off that list I just made!

So, in the traditional holiday spirit of putting things off, here’s an update on a few things going on around here: Read More

Getting Out

I had two opportunities this past week to get my son out of his regular hermit-like existence and do something fun with a group. We’ve been fairly isolated for a while, but as his stress has begun to settle somewhat, I want to give him a chance to reconnect with activities that he used to really love before anxiety got the better of him.

I’m learning to find a balance between promoting these social activities and giving him a real choice whether or not to participate. I’m not going to force him to go, but I still want him to get past his automatic first “No” response and think about giving it a try. Read More