The Most Interesting Kid, Part Dos

It’s feels like the end of an era. The Most Interesting Man in the World is headed to Mars. Closing out a seven-year national campaign to encourage the drinking of more cerveza, Dos Equis has retired their suave, adventure-seeking, and sometimes beer-drinking pitchman.

This blog’s title, of course, was inspired by this quirky ad campaign. Here’s the first video we made of our very own Most Interesting Kid:

Since this video was created in 2012, Target sadly stopped selling my boy’s favorite lizards. Despite months of searching, no other lizard has been found that will make a suitable substitute.

It’s really a shame because “He prefers two lizards” was a perfect parody of the tagline “I prefer Dos Equis.”

Now, our Most Interesting Kid is content to spin beads (and occasionally snakes), but if he ever found those favorite critters again, I still think he’d prefer two lizards.

Although the marketing icon that inspired our name is leaving to pursue off-camera adventures, we’ll still Stay Quirky, my friends.

Here’s an updated video, since my kid’s grown a bit since the original!

As always,

Stay Quirky, my friends.


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