’tis the Season 🙂 This is one of my favorite memories of our quirky Christmases…

Stay Quirky, my friends

I dust off the Advent wreath

Hoping to share a childhood tradition

A clumsy attempt to compensate

For lost Sunday mornings.

I have to call my mother

Which color candles are correct?

To infuse our secular celebration

With a smidge of deeper meaning.

It’s the first Sunday; a purple candle is lit

In anticipation of the coming holiday

A crumpled missive as my guide

I try to set the scene.

I tell a story of Wise Men

And a star in the East

My son, enthralled by the tall thin tapers,

Even appears to be listening.

But the candles on the table

Evoke a learned response

My earnest lesson disrupted

By a tradition more familiar.

My child smiles

In anticipation of cake

Sings, “Happy Birthday to Christmas,”

And blows the candle out.


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