My To Do List

There are stacks of papers on top of binders full of more, waiting for my review.

There are articles on methodologies and strategies, on safety and speech.IMG_0756

There are bookmarked links and “Read This” reminders glaring from my desktop.

There are doctors to interview, schools to visit, healthcare plans to choose.

There are 300 incomplete drafts and a blog being ignored.

There are piles of laundry, dusty shelves, and floors that could really use cleaning.

But he’s letting me cuddle with him more these days.

When I join him on the couch or lay with him side by side on the floor,

For a few moments, he’ll ignore this week’s preferred toys, spread out all over my living room rug.

He laughs and uses his words to correctly express his need for Mommy tickles.

I oblige.

He’s happy and singing at 5 in the morning.

I have extra coffee and dig deep to awaken my inner morning person.

All the Very Important Things can wait a little longer.

He’s my best excuse to procrastinate.


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