Soundscape – Nov. 2013

We had a houseguest once who said that my house was too quiet.

I can’t imagine anyone would ever say that now.

Sure, background noise from the radio or TV is subdued in deference to my son’s aversion to loud sounds, and we generally talk at a lower volume.

Well, at least my husband and I do.

My son, on the other hand, is the loudest “non-verbal” kid you might ever meet.

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The End Game

“Look up, buddy.  Look to the door, not at the ground.  See where you’re going.”

Each morning, as my son walks from my car to the front door of his school, he sweeps the sidewalk with his feet, kicking aside anything that clutters the smooth pavement.  He’s been working hard to practice looking forward so he doesn’t get bogged down by every rock that disrupts his clear path from here to there.

In his IEP meetings, too, the educational team charged with selecting his goals and helping him to achieve them, has been picking at all the little spots in his current plan.  I have binders full of reports that tell me what my child can’t do.  We scour the data to generate lists of target goals.  Sifting through the deficits to be remediated and sensory needs to be accommodated, we try to prioritize and maximize my son’s time at school. Read More

Flash Blog: This is Autism

Stay Quirky has been quiet for awhile, but I think it’s time to come back.

Between Autism Speaks telling me that my child’s life is a tragedy, and a school official telling me that my son is an “enigma” who defies evaluation, I’ve got a few things I’d better get off my chest.

Let’s start with this, in the spirit of today’s “This is Autism” Flash Blog.

This is Autism

This Flash Blog was created in response to Suzanne Wright’s fear-mongering “Call to Action” for Autism Speaks.  Her Nov. 11th letter was intended to spur action, and it sure did – a lot of it against Autism Speaks for distorting the truth about autism, distilling it down to its most disabling attributes,  and willfully ignoring (again) the very people they purport to help. Read More