California Dreamin’

Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

Yes, he did it!
Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

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So, my kid went surfing for the first time a couple of weeks back –

Read about our first Surfer’s Healing experience HERE.

Here’s a brief addendum to that story:

1. Although my son was unusually wary of the ocean during our week at the beach, I am pleased to report that we spent his birthday at our local water park and he was once again happy to play in the waves. The gentle sloping concrete floor of this “ocean” (and the lack of potential shark sightings) probably helped to renew his enthusiasm. Plus, we had great fun introducing his five-year-old cousin to the wave pool for the first time – her ecstatic reaction proved that we’ve got more than one fish in the family.

2. I am hopeful that my son will enjoy the ocean again when we return – a visit which won’t come soon enough for me. I miss the beach already.

3. I have a few new photos from the Surfer’s Healing event to share – this time through a much better lens. A wonderful photographer, Takahiro Watanabe, was on the beach to capture it all, and he has now posted his shots from Doheny Beach on his website. He is offering them to the families at no charge, how awesome is that? Take some time to scroll through these great photographs, and you can see what an amazing event this was for everyone:  [go to the “Client” link]

I am grateful that Takahiro and his camera were at the beach for my son’s first foray into surfing. Although he did not get a shot of my son’s final approach into the shore, these four photographs (including the one at the top of this post) reveal so much that my grainy digital pictures could not.

While my pictures remind me mostly of the nervousness, anticipation, and stress of the experience, Takahiro’s vibrant photographs – of my son and of all the other participants – capture the real, simple beauty of this event and grab at my heart.

I look at these photographs and am filled with such gratitude and joy about everything Surfer’s Healing aims to offer families like ours.

And, their beauty helps me share and preserve a moment in which I was so, so, so proud of my kid.

Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

It takes a village…
Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

This is my favorite. Such care and support from all the volunteers there (and a hint of a grin on the boy, too).
Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

Proud parents!
Courtesy of Takahiro Watanabe

For more information on Surfer’s Healing, please visit them at:

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