Forever After

Random objects in my house have become like my aging knee joints – after they’ve been sitting in one place for awhile, I can’t move them without hearing some complaining.

The Shrek: Forever After DVD case is always on the coffee table, despite the fact that the movie hasn’t been watched in weeks. My hairbrush is rarely in my bathroom drawer – it keeps turning up on my son’s dresser. And, every day, there’s a tube of Vaseline Lip Therapy on top of the piano in the living room. I know, this doesn’t seem “cleaned up” to me either, but every time I try to put these things away, my son returns them to these positions.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

I’m not a photographer, but when I noticed that WordPress’ theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Wrong,” I just couldn’t resist playing along — it fits too well with the latest blog post I’m working on. So, here I’ll use the Photo Challenge as a “preview” for my next story about our quirky life [to be posted in the next few days, I swear].

The Weekly Photo Challenge is simple – post photos that in some way embody the theme for the week. So, here they are. These photos define “Wrong” from my son’s perspective, who lives by his own unique set of rules. And they reveal how he – almost daily – fixes things in his world to make them “Right.”
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