The Easy Button

A few months ago, my son was playing air hockey at the bowling alley with one of the new friends he met at school this year – a typical 6th grader who has a good heart and, like many others in his class, seems willing to get to know my kid. After they were playing for a few minutes, this boy turned to me and said, “I was going easy on him … until I realized that he can play!”

That’s not an unusual reaction. My kid’s diagnosis impedes his abilities in so many areas that most people expect that he needs more help than he actually does. The first friends my child had in a typical classroom were the ones who wanted to help him. These were usually the girls with a “mother hen” instinct, but a few of the boys too. After they were told a bit about my son [see a story about that here], some went a little overboard to help make life easier for him.

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