What Will You Be?

My little boy grew too tall for trick-or-treating a few years ago.

Dressing him up in costume has been our tradition since he was a toddler, but once his height started to give people pause, it was time to give up the ghost, so to speak.

Jack Skellington, and sidekick, 2012.

Jack Skellington, and sidekick, 2012.

Of course, if he really wanted to, I’d still let him wear a costume and trick or treat for Halloween, despite the odd looks some people give to teenagers on this night. But, to be honest, he doesn’t seem to miss it.

Dressing my kid up for Halloween was always more for me than it was for him. Read the full post »

Something Amazing…

Mr. Incredible:   What are you waiting for?

Kid:   I don’t know…Something AMAZING…I guess…

Mr. Incredible:   <sigh> Me too, kid.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles. [We speak fluent Pixar around here.]

My coffee pot clicks on at 5 am every day. I’ve matured into a reluctant morning person, awake only to steal a precious, quiet hour before our normal life takes over.

Downstairs, two pillows retain their stubborn, prone positions in the exact center of the couch; a blanket (tossed, never folded) lies at one end.

Later in the morning, my son will make sure the pantry door is closed – and the laundry room door is open – before he sits down to breakfast. He will complete a multitude of other “fixes,” interrupted only by his mother’s proclivity toward her own often contradictory routines. Read the full post »

Ear Candy

“Hi, is that your son? The one with the orange earplugs?”

I don’t even have to look to know that she’s talking about my kid. Earplugs are a standard part of his attire, especially here, at an echoing indoor soccer field filled with special needs athletes and their aides and coaches.

The other mom gestures towards our kids who are gathering at the center of the field for their closing circle. “Sorry, but my son seems to be pretty fascinated by your son’s earplugs.”

Her child sits as close as he can to mine, ignoring the coaches and instead staring intently at the side of my kid’s head.A_Spring 08 earplugs Read the full post »

Opening Doors

[Writer’s note: This is one of the first full essays I wrote about my kid. It’s an old story from ten years back now, and is still one of my favorite memories.]

Standing on my back patio, I watch my five-year-old son through the sliding glass door. He bounces around the kitchen on his large blue exercise ball, happily unaware that he has just locked his mother out of the house.

Opening Doors_lockHe didn’t mean to lock me out. I stepped out—just for a moment—to throw something away, and I left the door open. Read the full post »


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